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Why us

You do not even need an Import Export Code or GST number to buy from us

We pay the suppliers and do quality check

We pay the Air and sea transportation

We take care of the custom clearance

​We import the goods and deliver them to you

Major Problems in importing

  • Distance
  • Language Barrier
  • Transportation Cost
  • Risk & Uncertainty
  • Lack of information about foreign traders
  • Import restrictions and regulations
  • Documentations

Major Advantages with Us

Overall price is much cheaper than travelling abroad

Cheaper than hiring agents

You get call+sms+ email+app notifications on each step of transport. You can track the progress in our app

Most importantly, we are an Indian company!

How we work

Send us a product picture you want to import

Pay booking amount to place your order


Conduct quality check

Add your logo & branding

Take care of packaging

Deliver to your doorstep


Do all the paperwork

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I run a lifestyle blog and store on Instagram. I’m able to regularly post never seen before products for my followers to purchase, thanks to the quick import function of Kartzapper. I’m a student and I don’t have an IEC or GST, but it is not required for small quantities.

Aanya Chaudhry

I was surprised with their prices and low quantity requirements. I can test the sales first and order more quantity later instead of stocking up for entire year. I have been travelling to china to buy bottles and kitchenware for my business. Saved a lot of money and headache during customs, all thanks to Kartzapper. Their QC assurance is a boon!

RoshanLal Arora

e have an apparel exports business and we buy a lot of trims- zippers/buckles/straps from China. This time I changed my suppliers and moved to Kartzapper since they have over 15 years’ experience in this field. I am amazed with the ease and transparency with which the entire order was carried out. I had the information of each step! Good luck with the new online platform.

Garry Sandhu