Need a warehouse to store your goods? We provide warehousing services at prime market locations. You can avail various services at these select warehouse locations to facilitate your business.

You can place your order from multiple markets in China and get them all delivered to our warehouse, we will consolidate the shipment for you and get it delivered to you all at once.

You can also send shipments to multiple locations and utilise our warehouse for drop-shipments of your cargo.


We know importing products is a tough task and you are worried if your order will reach you safe and sound.

To ensure the safe delivery of your order we have placed our inspection teams in our various offices across China. They check each item in your order while picking it from the vendor and pack them for shipping only if the items clear all the checks.

We also take the help of professional agencies to check the products we do not have expertise in to ensure your complete satisfaction.


With our 20 year experience in the industry, we know what you exactly need and how to deliver your cargo to the destination in a cost-efficient manner and at the time you want.

We offer a One-Stop Freight Service to India with both air and sea freight options available to you. You get to select if you want the Full Container Load (FCL), Less Container Load (LCL), Door-To-Door Shipping, or Express Shipping.

All you have to do is give us the details of the cargo and the date when it needs to be picked up from your vendor and we will handle the rest. Imports from anywhere in China to anywhere in India, and all the paperwork is our responsibility!


While you are staying in the comfort of your home, we will deal with your selected manufacturer, supplier or dealer in China. The negotiation process involves everything from identifying the primary supplier to placing the order.

Our team of experts go through each and every detail of the supplier and the product to offer you the assurance of quality. We present before you the agreement we have reached with the supplier, and it is upon your approval that we place your order.

You just have to tell us your requirements and we will arrange everything from placing the order to delivering the cargo.


We handle everything from shipping and inventory checks to warehousing, packaging, and keeping your cargo secure. To ensure the safety and security of the cargo we do not employ third-party human resource.

Our team keeps an eye on each and every step. Your cargo is securely packed before shipment and is dispatched along with the paperwork to ensure ease through the customs clearance process.


Documented permissions are required for importing or exporting goods from any country. The custom clearance documentation is granted by the national customs authority and declares that all the customs duties have been paid.

Of course, while importing products from China, you might place an order for items that will require allied permissions like FASSAI OR WPC licensing, ADS clearance, or any other mandatory documentation that is required by Indian customs department for the clearance of the goods.

We ensure that all the necessary documentation is done beforehand so that you can receive your order in the minimal possible time without any hurdles.


Buy from anywhere in China, We will consolidate your shipment for all parcels.

We offer you the option to consolidate all your goods from different locations in China into a single containerized-cargo shipment. Not only is it cost-effective but also offers greater security for the imported items. You can place your order from multiple manufacturers and dealers for multiple products and get them delivered to our warehouse. We will not only make sure that the cargo remains secure, but also that it is delivered to you all at once or as you want us to.

You can go for a Full Container Load to parcel forwarding to send your shipments.


We are door-to-door hassle-free delivery experts from China to India.

Our door-to-door shipping service gives you the convenience of getting the goods from the manufacturers directly at your doorstep. You can place the order through us where we can also negotiate the deal for you. Whenever your order is dispatched from the manufacturer/distributor we deliver it right at your doorstep. We assure timely delivery of your cargo with proper quality checks and transport insurance.