Original authentic IKOSK1S smart Apple card is suitable for Apple seconds to change dual card dual standby mobile Unicom
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Original authentic IKOSK1S smart Apple card is suitable for Apple seconds to change dual card dual standby mobile Unicom

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Brand : JEDX / Jetta video

Item number : IKOS K1S

model : IKOS K1S

Online switching function : Online switching

Double standby function : Have dual standby function

Default card selection : There is a default card selection function

Main downstream platform : wish

Main downstream platform : AliExpress

Main downstream platform : Independent station

Main downstream platform : LAZADA

Main downstream platform : ebay

Main sales area : Southeast Asia

Main sales area : North-east Asia

Main sales area : Europe

Main sales area : North America

Main sales area : South America

Have a licensable private label : no

Whether cross-border supply : Yes

Original product! IKOS K1S Apple Smart Card!

iPhone seconds change dual card dual standby ~!



1. Product Description:

Smart Apple Card, a new product that combines Bluetooth and MODEM, uses Bluetooth to connect with Apple devices, and uses IOS App to realize the expansion of SIM card voice calls and SMS functions for Apple devices, especially for users. Dual card dual standby function with one mobile phone.


2. Product Overview:


1---Switching machine button, long press for 5 seconds to boot, long press for 3 seconds to shut down

2---self-timer button, click to take a photo
3---SIM card slot, Nano SIM card
4---Micro USB charging hole


3. APP software function requirements
1. The Bluetooth version of the iOS device is 4.0.(iPhone4S+)
2. iOS version is iOS7.1+
3. Only support Unicom/mobile GSM network, support call & SMS, does not support data function
4. Cloud service function to support incoming calls and SMS
5. Support multiple languages(Tentative: Simplified Chinese, English)
6. Support device low battery reminder function,(App pop-up window reminds low battery, similar to IOS local low battery reminder)
7. Support users to connect device reminder function via Bluetooth(After the app is successfully connected, the pop-up window in the app shows a successful connection.)
7. With anti-lost alarm function, when the mobile phone is far away, the buzzer keeps beeping, and when the sound continues to sound, the button can be cancelled to eliminate the sound.
8. Support reading the original address book function of the mobile phone, and the synchronization function of the address book
9. Support display device phone number, carrier name and device power function


4. Product specifications
First, the hardware features:
1, Apple mobile phone requires iPhone4S and above, connected to the iOS system through the APP,(Requires iOS 7.1 or above)
2, BT Bluetooth module signal transmission Long distance is 10 meters, support Class I standard
3. Support batteries larger than 400MAH capacity to support no less than 4 hours of talk and more than 30 hours of standby.
4, plug-in device: SIM card type: Nano SIM card
USB socket type: MICRO USB
5, button function:
1) Button 1: Press and hold for 3 seconds to control the power switch(ON/OFF); short press to cancel the buzzer alarm when disconnecting;
2) Button 2: In the connected state, press and hold for 3 seconds to find the mobile phone; short press to open the camera in the connected state, then short press to realize remote control photo.


Second, MODEM performance indicators:
1, network type: GSM(Support mobile, China Unicom, does not support telecommunications)
2. Network band: GSM850MHz/EGSM900MHz / DCS1800MHz / PCS1900MHz global frequency band

5. Instructions for use
1. First, please turn on the Bluetooth function of the IOS device.
2. Please go to the Apple App Store to search for the app”ikos” and download and install
3. Press and hold the product power button for 4 seconds, the indicator light flashes red and green alternately to enter the pairing mode.
4. Go to IKOS APP -> Settings -> Find IKOS products in the scanning device(Note: Pairing is done in the IKOS APP, not in the Bluetooth function of the iOS device!)
5. Click on the device. When the display is connected, the device red light is off, the green light flashes. If the green light flashes once every 6 seconds, it means that the GSM registration is online and can be used normally. The call is answered and the short message is sent and received.


Troubleshooting questions and answers:
1. Can't find the app or the app doesn't work?
1). Please make sure that the iOS version of the phone is 7.1 or higher and the Bluetooth hardware is 4.0.
2). Make sure the iPhone is an iPhone 4s or higher.
3). Please confirm that you have selected the correct App download and installation.
4). Make sure the iOS device Bluetooth function is turned on.


2. Can't the product receive text messages or calls?
1). Please make sure the product is connected to the phone normally and within working distance.(Within 10 meters).
2). Please ensure that the product successfully registers with the mobile network. There is corresponding carrier information in the upper left corner of the app, and the green LED is in slow flashing state.
3). Please ensure that the product is fully charged.
4). Please download the installation app again and reconnect.
5). Please try to turn off the phone Bluetooth, restart the phone and turn it back on.


3. How long does it take to charge a single charge?
It takes about 2 hours under normal conditions.
The red light is on when charging, and the green light is long after being filled.


4. How long can I use after fully charged?
Continuous talk time: ≤ 4 hours
Standby time: 30 hours


1. Use the Nano SIM card directly.
2. Install the SIM card in the off state


There is a corresponding battery icon in the upper right corner of the app.
In order to get a better user experience, please remember to charge your product in time.



1. Product Description

Apple SIM card equipment is a new type product combined with MODEM via Bluetooth, to make the Apple devices with IOS App SIM card to realize the function of voice calls and text messages, and especially allows users to use a mobile phone to realize double card double Stay function.


2. Product Overview


1--the switch machine button: long press for 5 seconds to turn it on, long press for 3 seconds to turn it off
2--the camera button: take key, click on the photograph
3--SIM card slot, Nano SIM card(SIM insert down)
4--Micro USB charging hole


3.The APP software functional requirements
1. The Bluetooth version of the iOS device is 4.0 (the iPhone 4s +)
2. The iOS version of iOS7.1 +
3. Support unicom/mobile GSM network, only support calls and text messages, does not support data function
4. Support for multiple languages ​​(tentative: in Chinese and English)
5. Support equipment low electricity to remind function, (App popup window remind low battery, similar IOS native low battery remind)
6. Support the user device via a Bluetooth connection to remind function (App successfully connected, pop-up window within the App shows successful connection)
7. Have anti lost alarm function
8. Support reading phone original address book function, and address book synchronization function
9. Support phone number display equipment, telecommunications operator name and equipment power function


4.Product specification
Hardware Function:
1.Through the connection to the iOS APP, (iOS7.1 system or above)
2.BT Bluetooth module, signal transmission distance for 10 meters, support Class I standard
3.support more than 400 Mah capacity of the battery, in order to support more than 4 hours and 30 hours standby
4.support mobile phones loss prevention function, distance, buzzer continued to whine, continuous chirp can be key to eliminate the noise
5.support for mobile phone functions, the realization of buttons on the equipment after the phone app to ring the bell
6.plug the device: SIM card types: MICRO SIM card
USB port types: MICRO USB
The MODEM Performance Indicators:
1. the types of network: the GSM
2. network band: GSM850MHz EGSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz/PCS1900MHz global spectrum

5. Product Instructions
1. First, open the Bluetooth function of the IOS device
2. Please search the APP “ikos” in the APP Store, and download to install
3. Press the product side keys for 4 seconds long, red and green light is flashing into pairing mode
4. Enter the IKOS APP - > Settings - > device in the search to find IKOS (Note: Pairing in IKOS APP, Instead of pairing in iOS devices with Bluetooth!)
5. Click on the equipment as well as displaying the connected device after red light, green light flashing, such as green light flashing a 6 seconds, or on behalf of the GSM registered the Internet can be used normally, answering the phone call, the Short message to send and receive functions


1. Couldn’t find App or App not running properly?
1). Please make sure iPhone’s iOS version is 7.1+, Bluetooth standard be Bluetooth 4.0.
2). Please make sure it’s iPhone 4+ devices.
3). Please make sure you’ve selected the correct App to download.
4). Please make sure that the Bluetooth function of the iOS device has been turned on.

2.Can not receive SMS or Phone call on AppPhone?
1). Please make sure App Phone is connected to iPhone and within working range.
2). Please make sure SIM card registered to network successfully, with Carrier’s name listed on upper-left corner, Green LED flashing slowly.
3). Please make sure AppPhone is not out of power.
4). Please re-download App and re-connect.
5). Please try to turn OFF iPhone’s Bluetooth, reboot, and turn ON.

3.How long is the charging time for battery?
Normally around 2 hours.
Red LED on while charging, Green LED on when fully charged.

4.How long does battery last for one fully charge?
Continuous talk time: ≤ 4 hours
Standby time: 30 hours


1. Use of Nano SIM card directly
2. Want to be in shutdown state bottoms SIM card


Battery icon with capacity display will be shown on top right corner.
For better using experience, please remember to charge your AppPhone timely.

=========================================================== =======

Transfer from the network:

Today, Apple's mobile phone is considered a popular smartphone, and its appearance and system are deeply loved by many users. Because of this, Apple has always been quite aloof in design, such as single card design, which has never changed since one, especially for Business people, it is very common to have multiple sim cards in their hands. They can only choose to plug a mobile phone into their pockets. It is not only inconvenient to carry, but also misses some important calls and information when they are lost. For such problems, I believe that It is a problem for many Apple mobile phone users. Is it possible to make dual-card dual standby for Apple mobile phones in a simple and convenient way? Certainly yes. Next, I will introduce a new product launched by the IKOS team, “IKOS Smart Apple Card”, this new product that has been accumulated through various aspects and opinions of users, if I have experienced “IKOS K1” earlier. The users of Apple's secondary card are believed to be very familiar with the brand. What changes and surprises have this brought?

Speaking of such a dual card dual standby card, I believe that many users will start to vomit, not unstable, or forget to carry and miss important calls and information, just like Lao Hu, usually do not like to pocket There are too many things, and there are still habits of losing the third place. If you don’t pay attention, you will forget to carry the secondary card on your body and miss important information. This time, the K1S business version launched by IKOS is to improve these problems, even if you forget to carry the smart pair. When you are stuck on your body, K1S will automatically push the call records and information to the APP through the cloud service, so that you don't miss important information. After seeing this function, I believe that many users are interested in it. Can you really achieve such a function? ? Next, let's follow the old Hu to experience this new product is really able to capture our hearts.

IKOS Smart Apple Card Exterior Appearance Details


The IKOS Smart Apple Card brings great convenience both in design and portability. With the stable connection of Bluetooth, Apple iPhone can realize the dual card dual standby artifact without disassembling. The new products brought this time make me pay attention not only to the change of appearance, especially in terms of function improvement and stability, and there are unexpected surprises.


In the matching of the accessories is still very simple, IKOS smart Apple card, manual, due to the experience of the engineering version, the outer packaging and accessories in the accessories with the official version.


This time, the IKOS Smart Apple Card has a big change in appearance compared to the previous generation. It is transformed into a dark horse prince by Big White. It is still small and portable in size, 6.2*4*1.5cm, plus 29g. The weight can be arbitrarily loaded into the pocket or hung outside the bag, which does not occupy much position. Compared with carrying more than one mobile phone, it is really convenient. More importantly, we can realize the dual-card dual-card artifact.


Two physical buttons are provided on the left side, which are the power button and the self-timer button. Self-timer can be achieved through the connection of Bluetooth, and some creative photography can be completed without asking for help. In addition to supporting iPhone, it can be applied to iPad and iTouch, making it a tablet that can make calls. In addition, it also has no traffic, no roaming, and will not be affected by network bandwidth quality problems. The effect of the call is really good for the call.


In the carrier, it is still similar to the previous generation. It supports the two major operators of Mobile Unicom. Just slide the front cover to see the SIM card slot and the Micro USB charging interface. This time, the independent card slot design is selected on the SIM card. The size is the Nano SIM card commonly used in Apple phones, just plug it in and use it. Plus 60 hours of long standby and 4 hours of continuous talk, enough to meet our daily endurance needs.


IKOS Smart Apple Card Highlights & Offline; Offline Cloud Push”

One of the big highlights is support for "offline cloud push", which is believed to be one of the many features that Apple's mobile phone users have to achieve dual card dual standby. After all, sometimes missed important calls because they forgot to carry the secondary card. Or information, with this function, the instant secondary card is not around, as long as there is a phone call or information coming in, the call record and information will be automatically pushed to the APP through the cloud service, so that we will not miss any important phone or information. It also solves the trouble of forgetting to carry.

IKOS Smart Apple Card Client Experience


Next, talk about the client experience, through the built-in app store search "IKOS", you can download, in the connection mode is connected through Bluetooth 4.0, the effective distance is kept within 10 meters, stable on the personal test connection There will be no intermittent connection, which is still very good, and it is one of the focuses of our Apple mobile phone.


When you enter the client, you will be automatically prompted to connect. As long as the phone is turned on and then press the power button of the IKOS Smart Apple Card, you can search and connect successfully.


In the message interface, the call records, information and cloud services are combined, and the information that you want to see can be directly viewed by switching, which is a very intuitive display mode. The cloud service also said this function in front of it. In the case of forgetting to carry the IKOS smart apple sub-card, as long as there is a call or message, it will automatically remind you by sound and vibration, so that you are no longer wrong. Telephone information.


In the setting interface, you can set some functions arbitrarily, such as the opening of the sound vibration, you can directly open the camera of the mobile phone through the camera, and then you can realize the self-timer through the camera button of the IKOS smart apple sub-card. This is especially suitable for everyone to take a photo together or think about it. Self-timer and can't find someone to help. In order to prevent the loss of equipment, the GPS is accurately positioned. Not only the buzzer of the automatic alarm is used for reminding, but also the location of the device is quickly located, so that the danger of being stolen can be avoided, and the safety considerations are very thoughtful.


The IKOS smart Apple sub-card has a larger upgrade than the original generation, retaining the original compact and portable body shape, especially the functional improvement, personal satisfaction is "offline cloud service", this function is currently a lot The function of similar product forward defects is also one of the functions that our Apple mobile phone users want, which are basically implemented in K1S. For those who have been looking for a way to truly achieve dual-card dual standby and stable, I believe that the IKOS Smart Apple Card is not the same.

=========================================================== ===============

IKOS Two Active SIM Cards Adapter For iPhone Dual SIM Cards Bluetooth Adapter For iPod & iPad

Model No: ikos K1S




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