Shanghai weak electricity project free home inspection site 110 alarm network electronic fence monitoring perimeter quote
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Shanghai weak electricity project free home inspection site 110 alarm network electronic fence monitoring perimeter quote

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Brand : TP-Link/PuLian Technology

model : CAT-5E CAT6

Time to market : 2011

Source category : Spot

product type : Network engineering service

The main parameters : Hundred megabytes, gigabit

product weight : 1(KG)

Fastest shipping time : 1-3 days

invoice : Provide invoice

After sales service : Nationwide warranty

packing list : 1

Whether cross-border supply : no

Integrated wiring

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The integrated wiring system is a wiring system specially designed to meet the development needs. For modern buildings, like the nerves in the body, it uses a series of high-quality standard materials to combine voice, data, images and transmission media for some control signal systems in a modular combination. The design, integrated in the standard wiring system, organically connects the three subsystems of modern architecture, providing a physical medium for system integration of modern buildings. It can be said that the success of the structured cabling system is directly related to the success or failure of the modern building. It is crucial to choose a high-quality integrated wiring system.


Building and building complex wiring system(Generic cabling system for building and campus)It is a transmission network within a building or a group of buildings, and is a “information highway” in a building. It connects these devices to the outside communication network even if voice and data communication equipment, switching equipment and other information management systems are connected to each other. It includes all cables and associated wiring components between the connection point of the building to the external network or telephone office line and the voice and data terminals of the work area.

The advancement of modern technology has enabled the rapid development of computer and network technologies, providing increasingly powerful computer processing capabilities and network communication capabilities. The application of computer and network communication technology has greatly improved the production management efficiency of modern enterprises, reduced operating costs, and enabled modern enterprises to obtain market information more quickly and effectively, timely decision-making response, and provide faster and more satisfactory customer service. Stay ahead. The application of computer and network communication technology has become a key factor in business success.

Both computer and communication networks rely on the cabling system as the physical basis for network connections and the channel through which information is transmitted. The traditional dedicated wiring technology based on specific applications has been unable to adapt to the rapid development of modern enterprise network applications due to lack of flexibility and development. The new structured cabling system can simultaneously provide users with the data connection of various information services such as data, voice, fax, video, etc., which enables voice and data communication equipment, switch equipment, information management systems and equipment control systems, The security systems are connected to each other and also connect these devices to an external communication network. It includes wiring from the building to the external network or telephone office line, all cables between the voice or data terminals of the work area, and associated wiring components. The cabling system consists of different series of components, including: transmission media, line management hardware, connectors, sockets, plugs, adapters, transmission electronics, electrical protection devices, and supporting hardware.

Compared with the previous wiring, the characteristics of the integrated wiring system can be summarized as follows:

Practicality: After implementation, the wiring system will be able to adapt to the development of modern and future communication technologies, and realize the transmission of signals such as voice and data communication.

Flexibility: The cabling system can meet the requirements of various applications, that is, the information point can connect different types of terminal equipment, such as telephone, computer, printer, computer terminal, electric fax machine, various sensor parts and image monitoring equipment.

Modularity: In addition to the horizontal cable fixed in the building, all other connectors are basic standard components that can interconnect all voice, data, image, network and building automation equipment for easy access. Use, relocate, change, expand, and manage.

Scalability: The cabling system is expandable so that new devices can be easily expanded in the future for greater use.

Economical: The use of integrated wiring system can reduce the number of managers. At the same time, because of the modular structure, the difficulty of work greatly reduces the cost of changing or relocating the system in the future.

Versatility: It can adapt to various computer and network topologies that conform to international communication standards, adapt to different communication speeds of communication speeds, and can support and accommodate the operation of multiple computer networks.

Integrated wiring system products consist of a variety of different devices, including transmission media, cross/direct connection devices, media connection devices, adapters, transmission electronics, wiring tools, and test components. These devices can be combined into subsystems of their respective system structures for specific use of their respective functions.

Wiring products
Copper media information module


Twisted pair


Optical cable

Fiber Jumper

Fiber pigtail

Patch panel

Wiring tool

Desktop terminal product

Home smart wiring box

According to the definition of the international standard ISO11801, the structured cabling system can be composed of the following systems:

Work area subsystem
Work area subsystem diagram
Work area subsystem diagram

The purpose is to realize the connection between the working area terminal device and the horizontal subsystem, and the terminal device is connected to the connection cable of the information socket. Common equipment in the work area is a computer, network hub(Hub or Mau), telephone, alarm probe, camera, monitor, stereo, etc.

2. Horizontal subsystem
Horizontal subsystem map
Horizontal subsystem map

The purpose is to implement the information socket and management subsystem(Jumper)The connection between the user's work area is led to the management subsystem, and the user is provided with an information point outlet that meets international standards and meets the requirements of voice and high-speed data transmission. The information socket of the subsystem work area begins with a cable that is horizontally arranged to the inner distribution frame of the management area. The transmission medium commonly used in the system is 4 pairs of UTP.(Unshielded twisted pair)It can support most modern communication devices. Fiber optic cable can be used if some broadband applications are required. Information export adopts jack for ISDN8 core(RJ45) standard socket, each information socket can be flexibly used, and can be changed according to the actual application requirements.

3. Management subsystem
This subsystem consists of a cross-connected, interconnected patch panel. The management point provides a means of connecting to other subsystems. The cross-connections and interconnections allow the communication lines to be located or relocated to different parts of the building so that the communication lines can be managed more easily, making it easy to plug and unplug in the mobile terminal. Interconnect patch panels are divided into different distribution hardware according to different connection hardware(box)IDF and main distribution frame(box)MDF, IDF can be installed in the trunk wiring room of each floor, and MDF is installed in the equipment room.

4. Vertical trunk subsystem
The purpose is to implement computer equipment, program-controlled switches(PBX)The connection between the control center and each management subsystem is the route of the building trunk cable. The subsystem is typically between two units, in particular providing multiple line facilities at a common system facility at a central point. The system consists of all vertical trunk multi-log cables and related supporting hardware in the building to provide the trunk line between the main distribution frame between the equipment and the floor wiring frame of the trunk wiring. Common media are large logarithmic twisted pair cables and fiber optic cables.

5. Equipment room subsystem
This subsystem is mainly composed of cables, connectors and related supporting hardware in the equipment room. It is used to interconnect weak computers such as computers, PBXs, cameras, monitors, etc. and connect them to the main distribution frame. Equipment including computer systems, network hubs(Hub)Network switch(Switch)Program-controlled switch(PBX), audio output equipment, CCTV control devices and alarm control centers.

6. Building group subsystem
Building group trunk system diagram
Building group trunk system diagram

The subsystem extends the building's cable to the communication equipment and devices in the other buildings of the complex and is part of a structured cabling system that supports the hardware required to provide communication between the buildings. It consists of cables, fiber optic cables, and related equipment such as overcurrent and overvoltage electrical protection devices at the entrance. The common medium is fiber optic cable.

7. Entrance and exit subsystem
This subsystem is an electronic system or network that uses a custom symbol recognition or/and pattern recognition technology to identify the entrance and exit targets and control the opening and closing of the entrance and exit actuators. It mainly consists of a reading part, a transmitting part, a management/control part and an executing part, and corresponding system software. The system has multiple construction modes, which can be reasonably selected according to system scale, site conditions, and security management requirements.

Comparison with traditional wiring
Compared with traditional wiring, integrated wiring as an information transmission system for modern buildings, its main advantages are:

Traditional wiring methods Due to the lack of technical specifications, users must select multiple types of cables, connectors, and wiring methods according to different applications, resulting in repeated waste of cable deployment, lack of flexibility, and cannot support the development of user applications. Wiring; integrated wiring system integrates the transmission of voice, data, video and other information required by modern buildings, adopts international standardized information interfaces and performance specifications, supports multi-vendor equipment and protocols, and meets the needs of the rapid development of modern enterprise information applications.

With the integrated wiring system, users can flexibly and conveniently implement line change and reorganization according to actual needs or changes in the office environment, and adjust the network mode required for the construction to fully meet the needs of user business development;

The integrated wiring system adopts a structured star topology wiring method and standard interface, which greatly improves the reliability and manageability of the entire network, and greatly reduces the management and maintenance costs of the system;

The modular system design provides good system expansion capabilities and support for future application development, fully guaranteeing users' investment in wiring and providing users with long-term benefits.

The integrated wiring system solves many problems in the traditional wiring method and provides an advanced and reliable solution with long-term benefits. With the rapid development of modern information technology, the integrated wiring system will become an indispensable infrastructure for modern intelligent buildings.

Application object:

Business areas such as banks, stock exchanges, hotels, restaurants, etc.;

Offices in major office buildings, trade centers, integrated office buildings, etc.;

University campuses, major corporate buildings, government agencies, and other areas of buildings;

Various transportation areas;

Hospitals, emergency centers, and other health and wellness areas;

Telecommunications, postal, news broadcasting, television, publishing;

Residential areas such as residential buildings and smart communities.

Application range:

Because the cabling system is mainly designed for the wiring of computers, communication equipment and automation equipment inside and between buildings.

Therefore, the application range of the wiring system is to meet the requirements of various types of computers, communication equipment, and building automation equipment to transmit weak electrical signals.

The weak electrical signals transmitted on the integrated wiring system network are:

Analog and digital voice signals;

High speed and low speed data signals;

An image data signal that needs to be transmitted, such as a fax machine;

Video signals such as conference television;

Building safety alarms and automated control of sensor signals, etc.

Lenovo server



work phone

Copy of engineering cooperation process

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