Shenzhen Yadi plexiglass products, acrylic Christmas LED light box
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Shenzhen Yadi plexiglass products, acrylic Christmas LED light box

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Brand : other

model : YD0023

Custom processing : Yes

Installation method : Floor-standing

brightness : Highlight

Use environment : Semi outdoor

Display method : Static display

Display color : monochrome


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order process

1. Select the product: Please clearly explain the picture, size, packaging requirements and printing requirements of the products that your company wants to customize. If there is no specific information, the manufacturer can design it yourself to meet your requirements.

2,Production of samples: Our company will make samples according to the requirements of customers, and charge the sample fee. The sample fee can be paid for in large quantities. This is just a way of mutual sincerity. Thanks for understanding!

3, Payment deposit: the deposit is paid according to the type of customer and the quantity of the order quantity, generally the total amount30%, my company will receive the deposit after receiving the deposit24Raw materials are purchased within an hour and production is scheduled according to the delivery date.

4, Finished productionCheng, pay the balance first, our company will deliver the logistics number to the other party after receiving the payment, thank you for your cooperation.

Price Description】The online price is the reference price, the price is reasonable, please contact us for details.

This product is made of imported raw material sheet with high transparency and fine workmanship. From the appearance looks high-grade and generous, the price is excellent. Welcome to purchase consultation!
This product is suitable for domestic and international market sales. The LOGO on the product can be printed and engraved according to the needs of customers. The specifications can also be customized. Buyers come to sample processing and production. The factory is specialized in making plexiglass(Acrylic)High-end living gifts for materials, home decorations, high-end business gifts, promotional gifts, advertising gifts, etc. With good quality, low price and delivery on time, we are well received by our customers.
Our continuous improvement and innovation require your participation and support. We sincerely hope that we can provide you with more professional and better quality services for your partners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will answer you for the first time. At the same time, please feel free to visit our factory.


The concept of plexiglass products:
Plexiglass, also known as acrylic or acrylic, is abbreviated as PMMA. It has the advantages of high transparency, low price and easy machining. It is a glass substitute material that is often used frequently. Its chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate.
Plexiglass has good transparency and outstanding aging resistance; its specific gravity is less than half of that of ordinary glass, and its resistance to chipping is several times higher; it has good insulation and mechanical strength; it is good for acid, alkali and salt. Has strong corrosion resistance; and easy to process; can be bonded, saw, planed, drilled, engraved, ground, screen printing, sandblasting and other manual and mechanical processing, can be bent into various organic after heating Glass product.

Use of plexiglass products:
Plexiglass has the advantages of light weight, low cost, and easy molding. Its molding methods include casting, injection molding, machining, and thermoforming. In particular, injection molding can be mass-produced, with simple process and low cost. Therefore, its application has become increasingly widespread, and it is widely used in instrumentation parts, automobile lamps, optical lenses, transparent pipes, and the like.
Acrylic is the best new material that can be used to make sanitary ware after ceramics. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has the following advantages in addition to unparalleled high brightness: good toughness and not easy to break; strong repairability, just use a soft foam to remove the toothpaste to wipe the sanitary ware; soft texture, winter There is no sense of cold and biting; the color is bright, which can satisfy the individual pursuit of different tastes. Acrylic basins, bathtubs, and toilets are not only beautiful in style, durable, but also environmentally friendly. Their radiance is similar to that of the human body.
Plexiglass is widely used in:
1. Building applications: window, soundproof windows and doors, lighting cover, telephone booth, etc.
2. Advertising applications: light boxes, signboards, signs, exhibition stands, etc.
3. Traffic applications: trains, cars, and other vehicle doors and windows, etc.
4. Medical application: baby incubator, various surgical medical equipment, civilian supplies: bathroom facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, brackets, aquariums, etc.
5. Industrial applications: instrument surface plates and covers, etc.
6. Lighting applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamp covers, etc.
7. Home application: fruit plate, tissue box, acrylic art painting and other household daily products

Characteristics and advantages of plexiglass products: 
Acrylic has a high transparency and a light transmittance of 92%. It has the reputation of "Plastic Crystal". It has excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor use, it is the crown of other plastics, and has good surface hardness and luster. It has large processing plasticity and can be made into various shapes and products. The other types of plates are rich in color (including translucent swatches), and the other is transparency.

1. Product design: customized according to customer needs. Design Description: You only need to provide us with your design plan, ie electronic documents or illustrations, tell us the product ideas, we will complete the design process design, before we place the order, we will send the complete product design plan to You, with detailed instructions, will receive an accurate quote from us before proceeding.
2, LOGO:(OEM / ODM available)Silk screen, high-definition UV flat printing, inkjet, laser engraving or according to customer requirements.
3, packaging:(normal packaging)Single into the bubble bag or plastic wrap, or add the inner box, the outer box material is K=A, the outer box is six-sided styrofoam, to ensure the safety of the product transportation process. The number of boxes is determined by the size of the product.(When the gross weight is not more than 20KG)Can also be customized, packaging according to customer requirements, what materials need to be packaged product description is clear, we will do all the work for you.
4. Product price: The prices on the website are all reference prices. Different products need to be accounted for according to the actual product size, thickness, weight, quantity, process and packaging requirements.
5, transportation instructions: under normal circumstances, logistics, freight to pay. Customers in Shenzhen can deliver goods.
6. Service: After receiving the goods, our company will track and return the quality, delivery time and customer service awareness of this batch of products to better provide customers with satisfactory products. If the customer has any objection to the goods within one week after receiving the goods, you can call us at any time, and we will give a satisfactory answer according to the specific situation.
7. Payment method: 30% of the payment will be paid in advance when the two parties sign the contract, and the remaining 70% will be paid before the inspection is completed.
Contact us in time for more product details.


Our company is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of acrylic products. The company was established in 2009 and has rich production experience.
Main products: cosmetics display stand series, electronic product display stand, jewelry display stand, watch / glasses display stand, wine display series, perfume display stand, acrylic smoke mold, acrylic promotional props, acrylic image products, acrylic hotel supplies, Acrylic Tissue Box, Acrylic Photo Frame, Acrylic Trophy Medal, Acrylic Candy Box, Plexiglass Display Box, Plexiglass Display Cabinet, Acrylic Data Display Stand, Plexiglass Table Card, Acrylic Price Tag, Acrylic Advertising Sign, Plexiglas Display, Plexiglass property / mall signage, plexiglass showcase, acrylic calendar stand, acrylic wine brand, OEM products.

We will, as always, wholeheartedly provide new and old customers with better products and more personal services. Welcome to call, to map, sample production.


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We endeavor to deliver shipments procured through in excellent condition and in the fastest time possible. Your order will be insured against transport related damages and can be claimed in case of any unforeseeable damage. We take 7-60 days to deliver your orders depending on the size and customization requirement. However, if your order does not reach you within 75 days of payment, you are liable to request for a refund which our team will gladly approve.

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Please tap on “My Orders” section under main menu of App/Website to check your order status.

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  • You may be required to information’s like, short description of the case (A few questions will be asked to help us understand the scenario)
  • The snapshots of the packet and other boxes (If any) (Try to cover the sides which look tampered / damaged as per the users.
  • The refund for prepaid/Cash on delivery orders will be done after the investigation
  • You may not be liable for a refund, if he/she falls in any of the scenarios stated below:
  • Failure to provide adequate information about the case:
  • Failure to provide snapshots of the packet and box (if any)
  • If a pilferage delivery was received, pilferage claims must be made the same day.
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  • You have used the item for which claim was raised.
  • In case of a component missing from a multi-component item such as Kurta, Bed - sheets, inner wear sets etc. only exchange option would be provided basis serviceability and product type